HDR Fantasy Workshop

HDR Fantasy Workshop -

Workshop Number: HDR1

ABOUT:  Learn how to use Photomatix software to create great High Dynamic Range images using any camera. In this 2 part - 7 hour workshop, Chance Mayberry - pro photographer, author, and Alaska Legend Behind the Lens - will demystify HDR and teach you how to have total control over the total dynamic range of your image. You'll gain a whole new level of creative expression!  

Details:  The workshop is taught at the Alaska Photography Academy in Palmer, Alaska.  The workshop starts at 9:00 am.  It breaks for a one hour lunch at 1:00 pm that is catered by one of our fantastic eating establishments in Palmer.  It then continues till 5:00 pm. Lunch is not included in tuition.  There will be a hands-on computer lab using PhotoMatix software and a introduction to other wonderful HDR software also. 

During the morning workshop session, we will show you the techniques used to capture the necessary photographs for HDR creation. We will then take a 90 minute photo excursion to capture the images and breaking for lunch immediately after wards.  Bring all your cameras.  Any camera will work to capture an HDR image.  

After the workshop ends, participants are welcome to stay and visit one-on-one with the instructors.  It is a fun day filled with a new appreciation for what only digital cameras can bring to the world of surreal image creation.  Many students have gone on to make good money from selling their images.

Key Features of workshop
- Photography for those who "Want it All!":
- Single-image processing and the grunge look
- B&W and Infrared HDR
- Extreme exposures, different subject, and post-processing
- Serious Hobbyist through Advanced.
- Create professional-looking HDR images.
- Specific technical tips and tricks.

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$595            $65 for finished prints, location fees

QUESTIONS? Please call 907-746-5252 or 907-952-0369

Creative Vision


Working knowledge of your computer

Please bring personal laptops if available, however, not necessary. Participants in this workshop have the option of using Fuji DSLR cameras provided by the Workshops.

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