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      Go with us on an excursion to some of the most amazing places in Alaska and beyond for training in photography and great photo opportunities. Let us help build you into the photographic artist you want be.

We are here to build your skills, cultivate your love of photography and introduce you as a new family member in the greatest photographic family in Alaska!


Its Back by Popular Demand!

One-On-One Dynamic Workshop

Christmas Special! 10 hour One-On-One Dynamic Workshop

One-On-One Instruction: Just YOU & the TEACHER for 10 awesome hours!

GET THE BONUS: Purchase this special by Dec. 7, 2013 and SPLIT the SESSION into 2 DAYS!  That is like getting an extra day for FREE! In addition, get 2 FREE DVD Instructional videos on learning Photoshop LightRoom and How to Create Stunning Portraits!

You name it, we will teach it!  You have asked for it and now here it is. There are as many topics and lessons to be learned in photography, photo editing software and videography as there are salmon in the Kenai river.  So this is why we are leaving the curriculum up to you. This day is all about you. The ENTIRE day is YOURS!

For TEN LEARNING PACKED HOURS, we will teach you whatever you would like.  We will teach you anything you could want to learn from Photoshop, lightroom, Aperture, Capture One, Corel Painter, or any other software.  If you want to learn all the nuances of your Digital SLR, point and shoot, film camera to and 8x10 Zone 10 camera system we will be ready for you.  Or maybe you want to learn to shoot your video camera correctly and edit and produce your own videos with awesome soundtracks of your own make using a digital loop audio software, we can do it.  Even if you are a professional photographer and you want learn new and innovative portrait techniques and poses in the studio or learn effective outdoor lighting, we have it for you.  And even if you just want to cover a hundred and one topics, we will be ready to do it.  Whatever we can fit in 10 hours, we will be there at your complete attention. 

Many have asked about if they can bring a friend.  We say, Heck Yeah you can!  And if you bring a friend we will give you a super discount for them. That way it becomes less expensive for each of you.  However, we only allow a total of three people at a time to participate in this special offer.

So here are our incredible rates. Our regular One-On-One rates are $790.  With this INCREDIBLE ONE TIME offer it is only $390.  If you bring a friend, it breaks down to the following rates:

1 Student is $390  that is a savings of $400 off regular rates.

2 students is $550  (a savings of $230 and $1,030 off regular rates)  When split between two of you it is only $275 a piece.

3 Students is $690 (a savings of $480 and a $1,680 of regular rates - we must be crazy in the heads to give this away!)  

      When split between three of you it is only $230 a piece.  What a deal!  

Hurry and sign up! The last time we ran this special, we had to stop the offer after 6 days to be able to accommodate all the dates.

Makes a wonderful Christmas Gift.  All gift certificates come in a elegant, decorated gift box.  Give the gift of education that will last a lifetime. Please call to purchase gift certificate - (907)952-0369.

For more info and booking a day for you and your friends, please call Chance at 907-952-0369

Happy Shooting and hurry and call!

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